About Me

Originally from Perth, I studied a Bachelor of Arts at UWA where I was exposed to art as a vehicle for social comment, political protest, as a bridge to understanding and healing, and a way to reinvigorate our conceptions of ourselves and what we want out of life.

I have also been trained as a social anthropologist, which means I’m interested in power. I am keen to dissect questions of power and representation in the arts, and to generate discussion about arts funding and policy, the sustainability of the arts industry, what it is like to live as an artist, and how to engage marginalised sectors of the community in the arts. Additionally, I like to think about the moral dimension of art, through questions such as: can we separate the artist from their work? What are the ethical entanglements that artist encounter while producing work?

My reviews and criticism have also appeared in ArtMonthly Australasia, Kill Your Darlings, Mascara Literary Review, Meanjin, the Monthly and RightNow.