Another New Territory review

My final review for for New Territory has been published on the ACT Writers Centre’s blog Capital Letters. In this piece, I reflect on the impact of ‘Friends’ societies and organisations in supporting our arts institutions, and the significant role they have played in shaping Canberra’s civic ‘artscape’. It is unlikely the National Museum of Australia would ever have been built without the advocacy the Museum’s Friends. Read more

New Territory

I have completed another review which has been published on Capital Letters. This time it is about the craft of biography. My subject is…Richard Fidler. I heard the talented Mr Fidler give the 2018 Seymour Biography Lecture at the National Library, in which he spoke about his radio program Conversations, as well as his book on the Icelandic sagas co-authored with Kari Gislason. How do we distill a life a into the narrative arc of biography? Read on to find out…